The Red Haze


The Red Haze, a childrenbook for all ages, describes the plight of two children, Nimble and Imble, and their friends, as they flee a deadly red haze which sweeps across their cold and frozen land (Finland) threatening to swallow them up. So fearful a land that even the Finnish mythological creatures migrated with them. Inspired by real events of two children: Martti, the authors grandfather, and Ilma (Irma) his sister, and how they had to make a brave journey across a landscape overwhelmed by violence and fear. Martti and Ilma made this journey in the harsh winter of Finland during a time of War. Written in an absurdist flow of consciousness The Red Haze respectfully pays homage to the classic childrens book The World is Round by Gertrude Stein, originally published in 1939.

. . .


A tale that twists and turns and somersaults along. It sweeps you into a world thats so magical and frightening youll never want to find your way out again.
—    Alyson Hallett
Mervyn Peake once declared nonsense to be a fabulous fowl— a thing not opposed to good sense (that would be bad sense) but altogether other, cavorting and plunging in its own element. Its this kind of strange bird we meet within these pages, one whose swirling flight is steered by a secretive, compelling logic. An absurdity of congruence.

— Mat Osmond


Published by Atlantic Press 2018

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